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Most people think that a hand-made invite would would look shabby and cheap, but it is not so. You can create a miracle at affordable prices, and it won `t look cheap.
You can get to paint on your windows accessories and make a card for yourself or PageMaker or Corel Draw or be made on some website advertising wedding invitations that are hand. You can tons of ideas on the web. You can design your presentations and your writing and then you take print-outs on tape or handmade paper. Thanks to Bridal Marketing.
Some ideas you can flower is pressed on the card. It looks elegant and gives a personal touch. You can make going to design and use of handmade paper with pressed flowers with him. You can poems on the cards, remember the favor of the writing of the opportunity. Then you can use bamboo trees with a Chinese proverb. This could look very good. You could be an expression of an image of Ganesh from the net and cut out copies of the image and glue one on each card. You could be a print of an oil painting or watercolor, and zoom it or give your own designs drawn on the top and your document and printer and use it as your design.
Then you take several prints from your printer and stick it on thick cardboard and perhaps embellish it with gold strings and chords in different colors.
You could choose Rangoli designs or mandalas againSearch the web for images of the same issue, and as your design. Then you can red cloth of very fine texture and cut to use it and use gold stars and strings and create a patchwork design. You could paper collage as you make your way to use people `to s heart and have pictures sticking out of magazines and cut or torn pieces together and to use glitter paint and print out a neat writeup and stick that on the inside of a card with two fold-out timing of the wedding and RSVP and other formalities written inside.
You could also create a very traditional or Madhubani art to decorate your card Wurli, especially if your wedding in a temple or a church hall. Nobody's stopping you that if you are designing hand appeal, even if your wedding is in a palace-hotel like. You could then stick pictures of the palace decorated with tilak on your card and gold beads and thread.
You could batik, tie and dye cloth, blocks or stamps you modern or ethnic design. You could then decorate it with costume jewelry stuck like a golden thread ring or bracelet, and perhaps even a bride's effect for cartoon.
So, here were some ideas on making your own invites for your wedding, to reduce costs or simply to be different and unique. Have it your way.